Capitol Drugs offers complete, professional and friendly pharmacy services closely-knit with our community.

Our pharmacists are specialized in managing specific health conditions and complex insurance types.

Specialized Therapies

We help you manage conditions that require extra care.

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Your partner managing complex health conditions

Capitol Drugs specializes in handling conditions that require more than just prescription refills. Our pharmacy professionals are specially trained in handling complex prescriptions, insurance and any questions you may have.


We not only consistently and accurately refill your HIV / AIDS prescriptions, we partner with you to help you adhere to a medication regimen. We work with you to ensure there are no potential prescriptions interactions and aid in identifying side effects. Our team works to build a long term history of your progress.

Pain Management

Pain is universal yet complex to diagnose and difficult to treat. Capitol Drugs pharmacists understand how pain affects patients lives. Whether you suffer from mild or chronic pain, filling your pain medication prescription error-free and on time is their first priority.

Drug & Alcohol Dependence

Working with patients on drug / alcohol dependency prescriptions requires a professional who understands your needs and your priorities. We help you to consistently adhere to your medication regime while providing you with friendly, judgement-free personalized attention.

Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

Capitol Drugs helps you understand and manage your AGHD when you have been prescribed specific medication for this condition.

Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis

When looking to effectively and efficiently manage long term health conditions, you don’t just want a refill. Rather, you want to establish a close relationship with a professional pharmacist that helps you through all of the stages of these complex health challenges.

We are Insurance Specialists

Complex conditions often need specialized insurance packages. Capitol Drugs will help you make sense of all the paperwork so you can always count on your prescriptions being refilled properly, on time.

  • Specialized in handling Medicare Part D Plans.
  • We access most plans and private insurance.
  • Medi-Cal welcomed.
  • MediCare & ADAP Plans accepted as well.

Let us help you figure out if your insurance covers your prescriptions.

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Even more to keep you healthy

Capitol Drugs works hard to keep you healthy from flu shots, adult immunizations through to on site workshops and private consultations.

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