Capitol Drugs offers complete, professional and friendly pharmacy services closely-knit with our community.

We offer cutting-edge options to get your prescriptions refilled cheaper, faster and more accurately.

Hassle-Free Prescriptions

Easier to refill, simpler to take, always on time.

Come in for a one-on-one customized appointment with our pharmacists to discuss your medication options.

Partnering with your doctor to keep you healthier

Capitol Drugs has completely revamped and upgraded its pharmacy department to offer cutting-edge technology that is making prescription refills work even better for you.

Medication Compounding

We work to fulfill your needs, no matter how specialized they may be. We can create customized prescriptions as requested by your doctor, including special dosages, dosage forms, allergy considerations, special formulations and combining multiple medications into one single dosage.

Advanced Medication Packaging

At home or on the go, better ways to take your medications.

  • Get your prescriptions as oral solids, liquids or ointments.
  • Multi-dose blister packages.
  • Strip Packing. Each sealed package is organized by date and time. Just tear the packages you need and take them with you anywhere.

Medication Concierge Programs

From the moment your first prescription is filled, we offer a personalized program to ensure adherence and compliance for the duration of your treatment. Our Concierge Program includes:

  • Medication Synchronization
    Pick up all your medications at the right time and day to ensure full adherence and optimal results.
  • Medication Pickup and Delivery
    We offer convenient ways to deliver medications to you or have them ready when you visit our West Hollywood or Sherman Oak locations.
  • Medication Therapy Management
    Instead of having to visit your doctor each time you have questions or concerns about your medication, Capitol Drugs pharmacists are able to help you with issues related to formulation, regime adherence, drug interactions, allergies and dosage.

Long Term Care

We work directly with physicians, care givers, and long term care facilities to offer customized solutions to achieve fully CMS compliant guidelines.

Appointment-based Prescription Model

Beyond refilling your prescription, you can make an appointment with our pharmacist. Our pharmacists offer one-on-one customized in-person sessions to help achieve the perfect formulation, delivery and adherence balance for your health condition.

Medication Management for Professionals

We also offer comprehensive and customized medication management for physician practices and long term care facilities.

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