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Llyod Tittle
Loyd Tittle
Founder (1951-1993)
Ruth Tittle
Ruth Tittle
President / CEO
Bruce Senesac
Bruce Senesac
Vice President / COO
Robert Frydrych
Robert Frydrych<
Vice President / CFO

A Brief History:
A Word from the Board

By Bruce Senesac

I think that if you were to ask Ruth, Robert, or myself about Loyd we would probably all indicate the same thing.  Capitol Drugs has always been about giving people as many choices for their health care as possible.  We concentrate on education, because we believe that an educated customer is empowered to make more accurate decisions about their health.  Loyd originally added natural remedies into his first Capitol Drugs because he strongly believed that drugs were not the only viable choice for a healthy person.  As he expanded the scope of the natural products in the store, the customer base grew and grew.  We have always maintained that Loyd, and now we, make the right choices for the right reasons.  That’s why Capitol Drugs continues to grow.  In other words, Capitol Drugs is not just a retail store there to make money.  We are genuinely concerned with the health of our customers and the selection of products that we have to offer them.  We truly believe that if we were in business only to make money that we would have failed miserable long ago.

To this day, the three of us still believe that Loyd is watching out for us.  Whenever we get into a situation where the decision to be made is extremely difficult, we see a sign that gives us the answer.  When we need a new employee that’s good at what we do, somehow just by thinking about it we are sent he right candidates for the job.  I don’t believe that a day goes by that Ruth, Robert and I don’t think about Loyd and his dedication and hard work that made Capitol Drugs what it is today.  To that end, we are dedicated, and indeed we promised Loyd, that we would take care of Capitol Drugs and its customers for him in his absence.  There have been numerous offers to buy us out.  Large chain pharmacies want the type of business that we have developed.  But, we refuse to sell out.  It’s not about the money.  It’s about taking care of the communities that have supported us for so many years.  We don’t believe that any of the chains can do that.

We are extremely grateful to Loyd for giving us the gift of Capitol Drugs.  And we are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful employees that care as much as we do about the health of our customers.  We are overjoyed that our customers still embrace our store and its values.

And we are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful employees that care as much as we do about the health of our customers.